Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

motor satria

modifikasi motor satria fu Even have to go through extreme and steep road, Yamaha Byson remains strong and resilient. Vibration was not felt because the motor is already present with monoshock packaging. Shock front was using a big shock size so it does not worry when passing through potholes. Comfort and safety of the rider was also supported by a powerful brake system. Byson already using disc brakes with double-piston models. This brake system makes the rider certainly more secure and comfortable even if forced to make sudden braking when driving. Shock and front brakes that are reliable make Byson resilient when it should collide with a hole in the road.
Value add robustness Yamaha Byson is a strong legs. Its power in this case to make the price of Yamaha Byson be very sensible in kels motor sport competition. Indeed, there are no updates in the system and the framework of the legs. This is because Byson been using diamond-type frame with a very sturdy steel as the legs. Thus the body of this bike was not going to be easy porous. The steel legs of the motor is progressively increased durability in various fields even in rough terrain though. So fans did not have to worry about the condition and overall toughness of the motor. (Also Read: Specifications and Price Yamaha Scorpio Z)
Even in the new version, Yamaha Byson has brought a lot of progress, but still there are still shortcomings with him. The most numerous complaints by users is a matter of the rear brake. Byson still use the rear brake drum brake disc wear alias yet. Indeed, the latest drum system has been very grip, but still only in high-speed rear brake drum which is still not as comfortable as disc brakes. Another frequent complaint submitted by the user is a hard shock front. Indeed, with a large size, front shock Byson very sturdy but the effect is felt that the shock front riders was too hard. Sometimes the negative effects is the rider feel tired and sore harga satria fu